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Royal 4's WISE Supply Chain Management is a web-hosted or on-premise software solution that helps warehouse managers limit costs and maximize productivity. WISE includes end-to-end solutions for all major warehouse processes, transforming the warehouse from a costly operation into an efficient and cost-effective system. Most of Royal 4’s project managers have been with the company for over 15 years, offering frequent quality improvements to products and services as well as displaying a passion for customer service.


WISE is suitable for all but the smallest of businesses. Most organizations earning more than $6 million in annual revenue can implement this system.

WISE provides supply chain management services for a number of different retail, distribution, and manufacturing-intensive industries, from food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and apparel to aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery. WISE has also focused on solutions for certain vertical markets, including 3PL providers.


The following are the primary features of WISE Supply Chain Management:

Purchase ordersWarehouse transfersAdvanced shipment notifications
Returns managementBackflushingQuality assurance
RF picking and putawayCross-dockingReplenishment
Dynamic space managementCycle countsOrder management
Yard managementTask interleavingLoad sequencing
Gate throughputLabor managementAppointment tracking

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WISE offers a few unique features not found in many other warehouse management systems, such as voice picking. Voice picking offers a hands-free alternative to paper picking, improving worker productivity and safety while reducing the average number of mis-picks. WISE has also incorporated RFID solutions into its software, which increases supply chain visibility.



WISE’s web-based solution allows Royal4 to host the user’s WMS on Royal 4’s own data center, significantly reducing the costs of implementation for the customer. By subscribing to WISE rather than managing it themselves, IT teams can focus more of their energies operating the software and spend less time maintaining it. With full redundancy capabilities and battery powered backups, Royal4’s data center gives managers peace of mind regarding their warehouse data.

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WISE is compatible with many databases and operating systems. The software can use Oracle, MySQL, Windows SQL, and IBM DB2 among other databases, and it can run on almost any operating system, from Linux and Windows to MAC OS and IBM OS/400. With a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription, the user can also access the software using a web browser.


Royal 4 presents the following as key differentiators in its product:

  • Flexible delivery – RF or paper-based
  • Fully featured – includes yard management
  • Complete package – hardware is supplied by vendor
  • Domestic customer support – help desk located in the U.S.
  • Individualized service – project manager assigned to each account


The cost of implementation for WISE will vary depending on the number of users and whether or not the organization chooses on-premise or SaaS deployment. Users should plan for a minimum budget of $100,000, which includes hardware, software, implementation, and service. Additionally, there will be a charge of $5,000 for each concurrent user.

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Founded in 1984, Royal4 has been offering supply chain logistics solutions for over 15 years. The company boasts an experienced team of software developers that has dedicated itself to researching and improving the supply chain execution process. With affiliates all over the world, Royal4 employs project managers across six continents to assist with implementation and solve customer problems. The company is headquartered in Long Beach, CA.


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