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Snapfulfil is a Cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) built exclusively for the Web. With Snapfulfil, there are no upfront costs and no long-term contracts. The low monthly subscription includes the software, rapid implementation services (roughly 45 days), Radio Frequency (RF) hardware, training, support and host integration.


Snapfulfil is ideal for operations of all sizes, from small, independent warehouses to businesses with multiple distribution centers. Minimum requirements are five RF users and one administrative user. This typically lends itself to organizations generating more than $10 million in annual revenue.

Snapfulfil is also suited for third-party logistics (3PL) providers and other omnichannel businesses in retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries. Specific verticals such as consumer goods, food & beverage, automotive, apparel and electronics are particularly good fits.


The following are the primary features of Snapfulfil WMS:

PO and blind receivingRF directed putaway and pickingFlexible rules engine
Lot / batch controlInventory management & controlCycle counting
Quality controlReplenishment
Shipment manifesting
Yard managementWarehouse transfersContractor inventory visibility
Order fulfillmentCross dockingWave / load planning
Host system integrationTask interleavingDashboards & reporting

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Snapfulfil offers additional 3PL capabilities such as billing management and a client portal as a part of the subscription. Voice picking is also an available option.



Snapfulfil is hosted in SSAE 16 / ISO 27001 redundant hosting data centers in the US and UK. Users can access the system from any computer with a Web browser and an Internet connection. Deployment is offered through a Software-as-a-Service model, making the system a good fit for companies that would prefer the vendor handle IT requirements.

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Key differentiators for the Snapfulfil system include:

  • No upfront costs
  • No long-term contracts
  • Low monthly subscription for hardware, software, implementation, integration, training and support
  • Implementation in roughly 45 days
  • Little to no IT resources required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Adaptable system configuration that can be easily upgraded


Snapfulfil is available as an inclusive monthly subscription and does not require a long-term contract. The subscription includes software, hardware, implementation services, host integration, training and support. Snapfulfil can provide pricing options based on number of users, distribution center size or particular hardware preferences.

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Founded in 1972, Synergy Logistics has offered supply chain logistics solutions for over 40 years. Snapfulfil, Synergy Logistics’ Cloud WMS, has quickly gained industry recognition as a Tier 1 capable WMS and has been highlighted by leading industry analysts. Snapfulfil boasts an experienced team of developers and customer support staff with tenures exceeding 15 years with the company. Synergy Logistics is headquartered in the UK with US offices located in Chicago, IL and Charleston, SC.


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