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Note: In 2012, RedPrairie was acquired by supply chain software company JDA. The merger was completed on December 21, 2012, and RedPrairie is now a part of JDA.

JDA offers two options for warehouse management: their flagship on-premise warehouse management solution (WMS) or a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product On-Demand Warehouse Management System. With either option, managers will be able to use the software to assign the most efficient practices to their workers and equipment alike. Once either system has been implemented, operations will enjoy smarter and more efficient movement of materials within their warehouse.

Today, more than 34,000+ customer sites in over 40 countries use these warehouse systems–a testament to product's reliability and functionality.


RedPrairie has traditionally served mid-sized to larger businesses with its on-premise warehouse management system. However, with the recent acquisition of SmartTurn, a leading provider of on-demand WMS, RedPrairie now offers On-Demand Warehouse Management, which provides a more affordable option for smaller businesses. RedPrairie’s WMS solutions have been successfully implemented in a variety of industries including logistics, retail, food services, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and automotive.


The following are the primary features of RedPrairie WMS:

Distributed order managementInbound processingInventory management
Kitting and assemblyOutbound processingDirect to consumer
Asset managementVoice picking and putawayInventory control
PurchasingOrder FulfillmentMobile computing
Inventory gadgetsIndustry-specific functionalityRFID compliance


For those looking for the accessibility and flexibility of an Internet-based system, RedPrairie’s On-Demand WMS provides real-time visibility and inventory control across multiple warehouses or within a single location all accessible via the Internet. Designed for small to medium facilities and flexible enough for larger facilities with more extensive supply chain networks, the On-Demand WMS integrates inventory and warehouse management processes through one centralized system.

RedPrairie’s On-Demand Warehouse Management is compliant with WS-I Web services architecture, which allows users to experience multi-tenant SaaS delivery on a real-time basis. Soon, RedPrairie will offer a RedPrairie Integration Module that will allow users to connect the On-Demand version of RedPrairie Warehouse Management with the traditional on-premise version, which will provide even greater functionality for On-Demand users.


RedPrairie presents the following as key differentiators in its product:

  • Leading provider in numerous industries including food & beverage, electronics, and 3PL markets
  • Easy to integrate On-Demand Warehouse Management with flagship on-premise system
  • Fully-featured tracking of mobile assets
  • Accessibility to inventory information on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, netbooks, iPad)
  • Additional features for environmental certifications and HAZMAT storage
  • Robust direct to customer e-commerce functionality


Larger businesses looking to use RedPrairie’s on-premise WMS system should plan on a minimum of $100,000 in initial capital expenditures and ongoing payments. For those smaller businesses that opt for On-Demand WMS, pricing is on a subscription basis at $1,200 per month per site for an unlimited number of users.


RedPrairie was founded in 1975 as McHugh Freeman & Associates by Jim McHugh and Doug Freeman. In the 1980s, the company became known for its flagship warehouse management software system, and in the years that followed, RedPrairie continued to add innovations like RFID to this flagship product, allowing the company to remain among the top competitors in the WMS market. After assuming its current name in 2002, RedPrairie began to expand its ambitions to focus on the entire supply chain execution market, including labor management and transportation management.


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