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Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution is part of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System, an ERP suite that helps users maximize productivity in their supply chain. Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution not only offers specific features that will improve the flow of the supply chain in the short term, but also works in tandem with the other integrated modules of the M3 system to reduce costs over the long term. Additionally, Lawson has over 1,700 professional consultants and a network of certified partners providing support for its users.


Having emerged in the mid-1970s when the focus was on big, expensive mainframe technology, Lawson differentiated itself by focusing on packaged software for small to midsized businesses. The company continues to do so today, offering reliable on-premise, hosted, and cloud-deployable ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Though known as an ERP vendor, in recent years the company has focused on tailoring solutions for specific vertical markets beyond the more general Lawson ERP solution. With regard to warehouse management, Lawson has targeted the fashion and food & beverage industries.


The following are the primary features of Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution:

Allocation controlLot tracingItem master records
Physical inventory variantsCycle countingItem Data Interface
Warehouse selectionRequisition ordersInternal stock movement
Dispatch handlingDirected packingPackage-based picking
Cross-dockingLocation replenishmentSystem-directed putaway
Labor schedulingEvent documentsItem/balance information

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The added strength of M3 Supply Chain Execution comes from its integration with M3 Procurement, M3 Supply Chain Planning, and the other modules in the system. M3 Supply Chain Planning, for instance, uses forecasting measures to prevent unnecessary capital expenditures on wasted inventory. This information is passed on to the Supply Chain Execution module, allowing warehouse managers to adjust their inventory and storage space according to estimated demand.



Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution can be deployed on-premise or through the Lawson External Cloud Services. These services are run on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and are ideal for midmarket organizations that need reliable, fully functional enterprise software at an affordable price.

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Lawson presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Robust allocation control
  • Affordable cloud deployment
  • User-friendly labor scheduling
  • Reliable item master record storage
  • Industry-specific features for various types of retailers


Organizations can requisition computing power, storage, and other application services in the cloud, paying only for what they use. With this pricing plan, companies can both save money during slower periods and obtain the necessary computing power to meet peak transactional demand or add users after an acquisition or merger.

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Founded as Lawson Associates by Richard and Bill Lawson in 1975, the company initially focused on creating off-the-shelf, turnkey software solutions. Over the years, Lawson would be at the forefront of many software innovations, such as open-architecture technology in the 1980s and web-hosted applications in the 1990s. In recent years, the company has strengthened its position as a leader in flexible architectures and industry-specific solutions. The company is headquartered in St. Paul, MN.


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