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Infor SCM is a suite of software solutions that provides supply chain managers with greater awareness and control over their supply chain. For warehouse managers in particular, Infor SCM promises to improve current practices as well as introduce new ones, resulting in a more competitive and cost-efficient warehouse. Infor SCM Warehouse Management is used by 22 of the top 50 retailers and 9 of the top 10 high-tech and electronic companies.


Infor’s company-wide focus is on mid-market organizations. Companies earning more than $40 million in annual revenue should find Infor SCM suitable to their budget as well as their WMS needs.

Infor SCM has improved supply chain operations for a number of different industries, from retailers, wholesalers, and 3PL providers to the consumer packaged goods, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries.


The following are the primary features of Infor SCM:

RFIDSlottingUser-configurable putaway
Cross-dockingAdvanced shipment noticesWave planning
Voice-directed pickingSystem-directed packingMaster pack lists
Bills of ladingBatch pickingManifests
Cycle countingAdvanced kittingTask management
Labor managementReplenishmentConstraint-based scheduling

Infor SCM features are strengthened by the other modules within the SCM suite. The Performance Management module provides key performance indicators that help warehouse managers pinpoint unnecessary spending. If an unexpected setback occurs within the flow of the warehouse, Infor SCM Event Management sends alerts to all subsequent parties to make them aware of the problem.


Infor SCM Warehouse Management is built on Infor Open SOA, which provides users with the flexibility to deal with the frequent changes that accompany warehouse management. Users can implement the software at a single location if they have a smaller operation, while larger, multi-location organization can use web-based access for a centralized implementation.

Infor SCM can run on the IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle databases. As for operating systems, the software is compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux, and IBM OS/400 among others.


Infor presents the following as key differentiators in its product:

  • Greater visibility into the warehouse
  • Tighter integration of the supply chain
  • Optimized utilization of resources
  • Value-added services
  • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy


Infor offers small and mid-sized operations an opportunity to save money through the Infor SCM Warehouse Management Business Edition. This cost-effective solution allows SMBs to experience the robust functionality of Infor's enterprise-class system with a lower total cost of ownership and faster implementation. When an operation grows, it can add more functionality as necessary.


At Infor, we work with a core belief. We believe in the customer. We believe that the customer is seeking a better, more collaborative relationship with its business software provider. And a new breed of business software: created for evolution, not revolution. Software that's simple to buy, easy to deploy and convenient to manage. Our 70,000 customers in more than 100 countries stand with us. We look forward to your sharing in the results of our belief. There is a better way. For additional information, visit


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