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IBS Dynaman is an advanced solution that supports critical warehouse operations. It increases the velocity of material flows and enables advanced strategies for value-added services. IBS understands the challenges many companies are facing on their way to operational excellence and offers IBS Dynaman as a solution. This advanced warehouse & operations management system combines 15 years of experience with state-of-the-art technology.


IBS Dynaman is appropriate for midsized to larger organizations, as IBS’s ERP system is capable of managing all but the largest of warehouses. Businesses with especially expansive warehouse operations will likely need to find a best-of-breed option that offers the functionality required to deal with their complex situation. In recent years, IBS has begun to focus particularly on wholesale distribution, although Warehouse Advantage is also suitable for manufacturers.


The following are the primary features of IBS Dynaman:

Arrival managementPicking and putawayLocation management
Inventory countingReplenishmentLot tracking
Wave managementPacking and stagingRouting management
Multi-level bill of materialsRouting managementMaterial issue
Machine integrationDock schedulingYard management
Cross-dockingMulti-level container handlingCartonization


IBS Dynaman is open for integration and communication with other systems. The software provides toolboxes for ERP integration and EDI communication. Data analysis is accomplished through OLAP cubes that can be built using tools like Microsoft Excel or Analysis Services 2000. The system makes use of the Microsoft .NET-based framework and operates on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


IBS presents the following as key differentiators in its product:

  • Intuitive user interface (role based)
  • Built-in documents & labels WYSIWIG engine
  • Rule based algorithms
  • Advanced functionality with value added services (inline & offline)
  • Workflow engine


IBS offers different implementation options, each of which has its own pricing model. Their Implementation Control Process (ICP) provides users with an entirely bespoke system customized to meet the unique needs of each individual operation. This model will be costly but often necessary for large, complex organizations. For smaller businesses looking for a more affordable solution, IBS offers FasTrax. This system is pre-loaded with all the functionality that most businesses require and is sold at a fixed price. Since the system is ready to go right out of the box, small and mid-size businesses can avoid expensive, lengthy implementation processes.


With over 30 years of experience, IBS is a leading provider of distribution management solutions. IBS focuses on industries such as automotive, electrical components, paper & packaging and pharmaceutical distribution. More than 5,000 customers across some 40 countries use IBS software to gain fast and measurable returns on IT investments. IBS has built up an impressive Dynaman client portfolio with major names such as Royal Canin, DSV, Picanol and Conad Adriatico.


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