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HighJump Warehouse Advantage is an on-premise or cloud-based software solution designed to help supply chain professionals improve warehouse efficiency and reduce costs. The software enables tracking and traceability of inventory from supplier to store shelf, including best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping. HighJump boasts that their system offers a low total cost of ownership and simplified upgrades.


HighJump Warehouse Advantage is an enterprise-level WMS designed for midsize to large organizations. The software is suitable for clients with anywhere from around $100 million in revenue to more than $1 billion in revenue.

HighJump Warehouse Advantage’s flexible and adaptable architecture enables companies to easily adapt the system to meet industry-specific needs—without the use of custom code—in a fraction of the time of conventional systems, and at a fraction of the cost. And because all changes are external to the core software, upgrades and support are not compromised. This helps keep total cost of system ownership low.


The following are the primary features of HighJump Warehouse Advantage:

Directed pickingRules-based putawayMultiple receipt options
Returns managementLoading auditsReplenishment
Quality controlCycle countingDynamic tracking of item attributes
Appointment schedulingYard managementRFID compliance
Lot controlCross-dockingWave/load planning
Move requestsTask interleavingWarehouse transfers

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In addition to these standard features, HighJump offers advanced solutions such as container packing, slotting/re-slotting, labor management and 3PL billing management.



HighJump’s Web-based user interface is highly configurable for each organization’s unique needs. These adaptations are external to the core software, which means that the architecture remains uncompromised. The combination of service oriented architecture (SOA) and Web-based reporting allows HighJump users to communicate more easily with their transportation and order fulfillment systems, not to mention their suppliers and customers.

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Warehouse Advantage can use either the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database and operates on Windows 2000/Vista/7. HighJump promises easy integration with other services and certified interfaces to Microsoft, PeopleSoft/Oracle, and SAP.


HighJump presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Unmatched adaptability and flexibility to personalize the system
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Simplified upgrades that customers can choose to perform themselves
  • User-friendly architecture retains customization with upgrades
  • Cloud-based or on-premise installation
  • Higher customer referenceability score than top two WMS competitors


Users of HighJump Warehouse Advantage should plan for a minimum budget of $150,000. Those who choose Web-based deployment instead of the on-premise solution will save significantly on initial capital expenditure. These users will be responsible for one monthly payment for off-site hosting and maintenance/support.

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Founded in 1983 as Data Collection Systems, Inc., HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. More than 1,500 customers worldwide have transformed their supply chains using HighJump Software. HighJump Software solutions for distribution and logistics, direct store delivery, mobility and manufacturing include: warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems, route accounting systems, manufacturing execution, mobile sales and ERP data collection. Their headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN.


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