Warehouse Management Systems Reviews

These days, software buyers are turning to the Web to research their purchases. However, today's buyer isn't as interested in each vendor's website as they are the opinions of expert third parties and actual users. We've profiled the leading software for logistics professionals and created a forum where real users can post reviews. 

RedPrairie (now part of JDA) WMS Reviews

RedPrairie WMS improves the tracking, movement, handling, and storage of inventory. The software optimizes every move, enabling agile and productive distribution operations. RedPrairie provides the technology and support that customers need to effectively manage inventory and lower distribution costs.

Snapfulfil WMS Reviews

Snapfulfil by Synergy Logistics is a Cloud-based warehouse management system, ideal for both small warehouse environments and large distribution centers. Offered via a monthly subscription, Snapfulfil allows users to access inventory details from any Web browser.

HighJump Warehouse Advantage Reviews

HighJump Warehouse Advantage is an on-premise or cloud-based software solution designed to improve warehouse efficiency and reduce costs. The software enables lot tracking from supplier to store shelf, including best practices for receiving, inventory management, order processing, pick/pack, and shipping.

WISE Supply Chain Management Reviews

Royal 4's WISE Supply Chain Management is a web-hosted or on-premise software solution that helps warehouse managers limit costs and maximize productivity. The system includes functionality for returns management and task interleaving as well as a robust set of features for yard management.

IBS Dynaman Reviews

IBS Dynaman is an advanced solution that supports critical warehouse operations. It increases the velocity of material flows and enables advanced strategies for value-added services. IBS understands the challenges many companies face on their way to operational excellence and offers IBS Dynaman as a solution.

Epicor SCM Reviews

Epicor SCM is an on-premise or web-based software solution designed to help supply chain professionals improve warehouse efficiency and reduce costs. The software offers a number of helpful features like multi-channel order processing, radio-frequency identification (RFID) compliance, and bin tracking.

S2K Warehouse Management Reviews

VAI’s S2K for Warehouse Management software is an on-premise/web-based system designed to help logistics professionals enhance warehouse efficiency. The system provides the necessary functionality to help users manage orders, schedule inventory counts, and monitor performance.

Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution Reviews

Lawson M3 Supply Chain Execution is part of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System, an ERP suite that helps users maximize productivity in their supply chain. The system offers robust features for improving supply chain efficiency, like lot tracking, cross-docking, and labor scheduling.

Infor SCM Reviews

Infor SCM is a suite of software solutions that provides supply chain managers with greater awareness and control over their supply chain. The system includes the necessary functionality to manage processes like wave planning, labor scheduling, and stock replenishment.